Bilateral Project Italy-Serbia

Through combined forces to healthier Packaging

Two teams of scientists from Belgrade and Naples, have joined forces for a common goal – the development and improvement of biodegradable films intended for packaging of foodstuffs. Work on the project is aimed at making films of polymers derived from renewable sources (eg. Chitosan, alginate, polyhydroxyalkanoates, poly (lactic acid)).

Promising results achieved through the joint research project in the previous cycle, encouraged scientists from Serbia and Italy. The starting point for these 2 teams is the premise that with encapsulation of active substances (eg. Plant extracts), biodegradable film could show antimicrobial activity. This would significantly broaden their field of application, reduce the use of chemical preservatives and extend the shelf life of foods.

The importance of healthy packaging

In recent years, increasing attention was paid to the development of new biodegradable materials for food packaging to replace synthetic non-biodegradable ones, which are alredy used in the markets.

However, these new materials generally do not meet all the necessary requirements. To improve their properties and possible applications, the starting materials can be:

  • modifikuju and/or combined with other monomers and polymers;
  • strengthen with addition of (nano) fillers;

Serbian-Italian team of scientists, led by the desire to provide the world with healthier food, is working on the development of exactly these ideas.

Project participants

Serbian team Italian team
Dr Melina Kalagasidis Krušić-rukovodilac Dr Mario Malinkoniko-rukovodilac
Dr Marija Lučić Škorić Dr Maria Emanuela Eriko
Dr Aleksandra Nešić Dr Gabriela Santagata
Sanja Šešlija, M.Sc.

Through bilateral project, in the period September 20-22, 2016, researchers from Italy Dr. Mario Malinconico and Dr. Gabriela Santagata visited Department of Organic Chemical Technology.
Dr. Malinconico and Dr. Santagata are working at the Institute for Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials; National Council of Research (CNR), Pozzuoli, Naples, Italy.

During the visit of the Italian team, it was discussed about realized and upcoming project tasks in 2017. and 2018, as well as about participation in international projects.

Within the workshop Quality of Life-2016, Nano for Health, our guests gave lectures entitled:

  • „Nanotechnologies in food packaging: expectations and concerns“, Dr. Mario Malinconico
  • „Spray-by-spray hydrogels containing a tea tree oil nanoemulsion for wound dressing“, Dr. Gabriela Santagata.
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