“Road Arrow” and Polymer Research Laboratory returned from the competition in Italy


Students-researchers at the Polymer Research Laboratory returned from the first Formula Student Competition in Italy, held in Varano de’ Melegari, where they achieved outstanding results.

During the day zero of the competition, on July 19, the contestants had to set up their camps and register, after which the organizers welcomed them at the opening ceremony. Fifty-one teams gathered for this race in the category vehicles with an internal combustion engine.


The first and second day of the competition were scheduled for the static part and overhaul, without which the team cannot access the dynamic disciplines. On the first day, the cost analysis was presented, and on the second day business plan and design. Ten team members, including two PRL students Dragana Borjan and Sofija Arsić, presented the vehicle design for this year.


“Road Arrow” took 4th place in budget analysis and 10th place in design (the evaluation committee members were engineers from the largest automotive companies), which is the best result the Team achieved in static disciplines so far. The team scored 270 points out of maximal 325, or a high fifth place in the competition between 51 teams! The overhaul of the vehicle also went without any major difficulties, as well as testing the readiness of the driver to jump out of the vehicle in the event of an incident, a noise test, tilting and braking, which gave the vehicle all the necessary stickers so the team was pleased to see their vehicle on the track on the second day.



In dynamic disciplines of acceleration and “eight”, there were minor technical problems, which members quickly solved and the team took the sixteenth and fifteenth place. After that was the time for autocross, which is the introduction of the toughest race, a race of endurance, which carries one-third of the points in total. According to the student-driver, the formula has never been more stable in narrow curves, which are crucial on the Formula Student Competition tracks. However, due to engine problems, the team took 21st place in this discipline.

The last, fifth day of the competition, is reserved for the most important race of 22km, a race of endurance, which several teams manage to complete. Despite the efforts of team members, engine problems overcame their capabilities. The decision not to race in the last dynamic discipline was influenced by the impossibility to purchase spare parts for engine.

“Road Arrow” won 380 out of 1000 points, and took 20th place in the competition of 51 teams. Students returned to Belgrade with confirmation that they are ready to defend static part of competition at upcoming events in the Czech Republic and Germany, but they are also motivated to overcome all technical problems.

You can see the part of the atmosphere from the competition in the pictures below.

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